From campaigns to policy, special events to fundraising, there is something for everybody in the Dems.


Campaigns committee


Directors: Menat Bahnasy, Amanda Powers

Campaigns Committee (“CamComm”) is at the heart of what the Harvard College Democrats do. If you’re interested in grassroots activism for Democratic candidates and causes, and want to learn essential campaign skills along the way, then join Campaigns Committee. The committee plans, coordinates, and carries out the campaign activities of the Harvard Dems. During federal election years, CamComm organizes phone banks, canvasses, and get-out-the-vote (GOTV) efforts in coordination with Democratic candidates’ campaigns in Massachusetts and neighboring states. In odd-numbered years, the committee coordinates on local races, issues advocacy, and voter registration. We also partner on campus activism and work to foster the Dems' outreach with other student groups. The committee meets once a week, with occasional weekend trips and events. In Campaigns Committee, you’ll learn about the inner workings of campaigns and make lifelong friends and skills.

CamComm is led by the Campaigns Director and Campus Outreach Director and meets on Thursdays from 7-8pm during Spring 2019.


policy and publicity committe


Directors: Riley Hoveland, Jeremy Stepansky

The Policy and Publicity Committee ("PoPub") is a center for progressive legislative thought and advocacy as well as the public face of the Harvard Democrats. It is the home for those interested in researching, discussing, and debating the policies and issues the Dems find most pertinent. Members can be involved in a variety of ways or only focused on one aspect. Those interested in legislation will write the position papers of the Democrats and work to push progressive legislation locally and nationally. Members who want to focus on engagement will help get the word out about events and manage the Dems’ various media outlets. The committee as a whole will act as a liaison between the Democrats and the wider Harvard and political community. All members work together to advocate for the policies the Dems community cares about.

PoPub is led by the Legislative Director and Communications Director and meets every Tuesday from 7-8pm in Spring 2019.

programming committee


Directors: Cara Kupferman, Ryan Wilson, Oswaldo Ambrosio

The Programming Committee ("ProgComm") is responsible for planning weekly general meetings and other special events for the Harvard College Democrats. Individual members of Programming Committee plan general meetings in accordance with suggestions from the club membership. General meetings often consist of panel discussions or speakers and are usually focused on a specific political topic. ProgComm also plans special events like the Community Engagement Award, which is given to a Boston or Cambridge public high school student who has demonstrated leadership, public service, and engagement with their community.

ProgComm is led by the Events Director and the Service Director and meets every other Wednesdays from 6-7 PM in Kirkland D-Hall during Spring 2019.

Fundraising and Outreach COMMITTEE


Directors: Noah Secondo, Kate Travis

The Fundraising and Outreach Committee ("FundOut") works to support the Harvard College Democrats by raising and managing the funds that make our club’s activities possible. Members practice valuable skills by writing grants, running phone banks, reaching out to alumni and donors, and managing the finances of the Harvard College Democrats. Additionally, the FundOut works to help facilitate summer internships for students interested in working for progressive political causes. By raising money to provide scholarships and stipends, this committee hopes to make unpaid work more financially feasible for summer interns. FundOut also helps to establish mentoring and advising networks that enhance and complement the summer experiences of progressive interns.

FundOut is led by the Treasurer and Secretary and meets every other Monday from 7-8pm in Winthrop Dining Hall during Spring 2019.